as long as we continue to tell the history of Swedish art according to the same model for its international counterpart, Swedish Modernism will look like a pale cousin from the countryside.

jeff werner
winter | vinter

During my time in academia my research agenda incorporated how hybridity, identity construction, and transculturation are manifested through art history and visual culture. Consequently, the current direction of my investigation applies the theory of creolization to art and culture from Scandinavia. I am interested in what happens when artists cross cultures, how they connect to new cultures, and how their aesthetic practices and visual dialogues depict transcultural connections, diaspora, migration and/or exile experiences.

the whole world is becoming creolized.

edouard glissant

Creole Konst provides a new way of examining modern and contemporary art historical practices throughout Scandinavia.  In addition as an independent art historian, curator, and art writer Creole Konst is also my self-portrait, so to speak, because I embrace the multi-ethnic cultures and communities that contribute to my sense of self. Therefore you will discover bits and pieces of my favorite things as an American expat living in Sweden who loves art, culture and traveling.

[the] world is in creolization…

ulf hannerz

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puss och kram (xox)

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