Turkey Day in Sweden

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It is time to get ready for Thanksgiving and though we don’t officially celebrate in Sweden it is an official holiday for Kreativ Collabs! And this year I am incredibly tacksam that Joakim is working a half day on Thursday and that he is taking off on Friday because Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays because the focus is family, food, abundance (but not for material things) + gratitude!

And though I totally miss being at home in The States being with fam celebrating at home here is a bit more relaxing (though my holiday goal is to travel for Turkey Day every two years) perhaps because it is not an “official” holiday! And even though it not a red day in Sweden it is still acknowledged.  Last year Mat Magasinet did a story about Turkey Day titled “Kalkon i Huvudrollen” loosely translated to “Turkey in the Main Role” – the article was totally inspiring! And this year I saw Marcus Samuelssn on Nyhetsmorgon (morning news) discussing #thanksgivingdinner!  

photo source: screen shot of marcus samuelsson from nyhetsmorgon tv4.se

Celebrating the holiday here in Sweden makes for a more enjoyable Thanksgiving night! Since moving to Sweden I have been feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking about the type of holidays I enjoyed growing-up. My favorite childhood Thanksgiving memories after spending time with the large/extended family, was spent staying up watching Thanksgiving tv shows with the immediate fam! Our favorites were Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (a holiday classic for all ages in The States) and the classic Miracle on 34th Street. And on Black Friday we would start decorating for Christmas and baking cookies (or at least making the dough to freeze).

photo source: IMDb
photo source: Oscars.org

Now that I live in Sweden I try to recapture some of those traditions, now after the fam leaves and we clean the kitchen, I have a group video chat with some of my siblings, we watch Turkey Day sitcoms thanks to Netflix and on Friday I usually enjoy the holiday classic Miracle on 34th St (though I prefer the 1970s version that I actually discovered while living in Chicago in 2010) while sorting through Jul decorations!

photo source: IMDb

This year is the 4th year that we are celebrating and preparing a dinner for 10! The 1st year there were 5 of us, the 2nd year there were 6 of us and last year only Joakim and I, because of new work opportunities, so I did a test kitchen! The idea behind the test kitchen was to have a stress-free Turkey Day for 2018 I basically made the type of dishes I would serve for the next family Thanksgiving dinner which is happening next week!  

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