New Year New Goals

The reason I love January is because it is the beginning of the new year and a time to start over and as a minimalist (who also suffers from allergies) I love nature aesthetically during this time of year whether there is frost and fog or a fresh snow and a frozen lake it is such a beautiful time of year!

Holidaze and Traditions

Being someone who lives between two cultures we incorporate both American and Swedish traditions into our holiday celebrations. One of my favorite traditions is listening to Christmas musik – we usually start after Thanksgiving but this year we waited until December 1.

Turkey Day in Sweden

I am incredibly tacksam that Joakim is working a half day on Thursday and that he is taking off on Friday because Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays because the focus is family, food, abundance (but not for material things) + gratitude!

Let Them Eat Cake Also!

In fact, my immediate reaction was – WOW the art world in Sweden is finally getting global attention! And my second thought was I wish I would have been a co-curator!!

Martin Puryear’s “Folk Technology”

Puryear incorporates elements from historic Sami teepees and fuses them with a contemporary designed dwelling which is visible through overlapping materials consisting of wire mesh, tar and various woods.

19th Century Connections

Duncanson is discussed in the book History of African-American Artists: From 1792 to the Present but after perusing the end notes I recall being surprised that the King of Sweden had purchased Land of the Lotus Eaters, 1861. I actually remember thinking out loud – oh that is interesting –