New Year New Goals

janaury is my favorite month, when the light is plainest, least colored. And I like the feeling of beginnings.

anne truitt

my view of mariestad

January really is one of my favorite months and it is not because it is my birthday month – I am actually pretty private about “my day” and though I am proud of being an Aquarius the way I choose to celebrate is pretty intimate! The reason I love January is because it is the beginning of the new year and a time to start over and as a minimalist (who also suffers from allergies) I love nature aesthetically during this time of year whether there is frost and fog or a fresh snow and a frozen lake it is such a beautiful time of year!

view of my mariestad and a willow tree
view of my mariestad – frozen lake
my view of vadsbo museum

This year my intentions are to be more focused and the actions and habits that I will incorporate include being more optimistic, more calm (I have been doing yoga and meditation for the past year), to unite more people/ cultures (I believe that we focus more on what makes us different but we actually have so much more in common) and finally to collaborate more (samarbeta i svenska) though this totally applies to my professional life it also does to my personal life! Joakim and I are in the middle of a bedroom renovation – this is our first major project as a couple which I think is an important exercise because it teaches us how to work together as a team, to be better listeners and communicators, but also the importance of understanding the balance of incorporating and sacrificing when you are in a relationship – I believe both are equally important!

the kreativ report january

I am really looking forward to the new year, not just for the amazing moments, the surprises (Joakim likes to give surprises but I am not a fan of receiving them – though I am trying to work on that), professional opportunities that I create but the ones that also find me and for any challenges and obstacles that life dishes out because I do believe that during these growing pains (let’s face it is not easy and it is sometimes painful) but these are the experiences that make us stronger, teach us to be more open minded and to ultimately be more grateful!   

from where i stand 2013
my first winter in 2013

puss och kram (xox)

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